Phallic Ceramic of Clay

by Bruxa


For the intimate ritual of self-pleasure. The Phallic Ceramic Collection is hand moulded completely from the earth using natural Australian clay. Ground and open your sexual energy for a deeply intimate experience.


Key Features

Body-safeEasy to clean
Temperature playSustainably made
100% natural Australian clay

What Is It

What enters your body matters. The Bruxa Phallic Ceramic collection is hand-moulded and sustainably made in Canberra, Australia. Each individual pleasure tool is made from natural clay, featuring a smooth glaze finish; to ground, connect and heighten your sexual pleasure experiences. With a multi-function philosophy, your Phallic Ceramic is a piece of erotic art for your body and your bedside table. 

DIRECTIONS: Use at a natural cool temperature for additional stimulation or heat by soaking in warm water for 2 minutes. For further pleasure, combine with the BRUXA lubrication of water or oil. Please check you ceramic upon each use to ensure there are no cracks. 

Details & Materials

Each ceramic is handmade and will feature the beauty of individuality

100% natural Australian clay


Sustainably made

6-6.5" INCH