by Svakom


A set of three kegel balls with gradual increased weights. Effective kegel exercise helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, improve health and bring sexual satisfaction benefits.

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Key Features

WaterproofDiscreet shipping

What Is It

Nova exercise balls are an expertly designed set of three different exercise balls to perform Kegel exercises with. Each ball is equipped with a silicone string to easily take out the ball after use.

Kegel exercises helps to strengthen a woman' s PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle). A strong PC muscle has great health and sexual benefits for women like intensifying orgasms, increased lubrication, regain of vaginal tightness and muscle control after childbirth and they can help to prevent incontinence in older age.

The set of Nova balls have three gradual increased weights for different exercise needs. Starting with the single ball and working your way to the double, small and heaviest of the set, this Kegel balls exercise your PC muscle for you while you go around your daily activities.

Details & Materials

Material: body-safe silicone

Single ball: 36X135 mm – 49g

Double big ball: 32X170 mm – 75g

Double small ball: 28X162 mm – 95g