Warming massage oil

by Slow Sex


Invite a lover to caress, lick and kiss from head to toe. Massage all over and sensually blow on the skin to experience a delightful warming effect.


Key Features

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Heating function

What Is It

A classic sex-essential, with a delicious flavour and tantalizing texture, that invites a lover to caress, lick and kiss from head to toe. 

Formulated to provide an amazing warming effect when you sensually blow on the skin, this massage oil is your guaranteed ticket to a good time.

Simply add a little to the area that you want to massage, and don't be afraid to use it near intimate areas. Rub the oil on your hands (or other body parts) and massage gently. When you're ready for the full effect, blow onto the skin.

If surprises are your thing, then this one's going to be a hit.

Details & Materials

A tantalising massage oil that warms the skin with your lover's breath

Compatible with condoms and erotic toys

Warming effect

Coconut aroma, sweet flavour

Smooth texture

100% Vegan

100% Recyclable Packaging


Made in Spain