Anal massage & education set

by B-Vibe


The ultimate pleasure set for all occasions and all bodies! Whether you've ready to explore anal play, vaginal play or more - this versatile set does it all. Pairing two iconic award-winning sex toy brands, B-Vibe and Le Wand, each piece is designed to give you comfort and satisfaction - with the B-Vibe snug plug, Le Wand petite vibrator and curved attachment, a lube applicator, enema cleaner kit, finger gloves, condoms, clean up towel and a comprehensive guide to anal pleasure and beyond.

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Key Features

For all bodies
10 piece complete set100% splash proof 
Body-safe siliconeUSB rechargeable 

What Is It

When done right, anal play can be very pleasurable and fun new experience to try on your own or with a partner. Read on for more information about what's in the set.

LE WAND PETITE : Small but mighty, "the Le Wand Petite vibrator is everything you ever wanted in a sex toy." - Kasandra Brabaw, Sex Editor at Women's Health. You're basically getting four sex toys for the price of one! This wand can be used to massage all erogenous zones + use the curved attachment to enjoy dual stimulation.

LE WAND CURVE SILICONE ATTACHMENT: This body-safe silicone accessory attaches onto the Petite wand to become a hybrid sex toy for mind-blowing G-spot stimulation and prostate play. The vibration also helps the sphincter muscles to relax- which is exactly what you want to do before anal penetration.

B-VIBE SNUG PLUG 2 - Made from super-soft silicone, this beginner's butt plug conceals a hidden secret: two 114g weighted balls that offer the user a sensual feeling of fullness. When you're done, the flared grip handle makes removal a doddle.

Lubricant Applicator, Anal Enema, Travel Bag + a comprehensive sex educator approved guide filled with tips and tricks.

Details & Materials

Plug Size: 4.1 inches (10.5 cm)

Diameter: 2.2 inch (5.6 cm)

Le Wand Petite Length: 9.3 inch (23.7 cm)

Battery Type: USB Rechargeable

Material: Silicone