Let's meet, Lover.

Hello Lover,


In a world of sealed sections, heavy pixelation and back alley entrances, Hello Lover is bringing the positive back to pleasure. We’re on a mission to change the outdated sex shop industry and make intimacy more enjoyable, for all people.


Old-school sex stores have left us thinking that this side of us is suggestive, saucy and shameful — and should be kept under lock beneath your bed. But in case you missed it, for most of us, sex is as much self-care as a Sunday sleep-in, especially when paired together.

Whether alone or with a lover, sex can be one of the most physically intimate things we can do, and when it comes to purchasing in this space, we should feel uplifted, not uncomfortable. After all, these products have been designed to make us feel good. That’s why we’ve partnered with like-minded brands from across the world to bring you a curated range of quality sexual wellness essentials - from sex toys to lubricants, novelties and more. With all genders and sexual preferences in mind, these are the best in global love essentials.

Hello Lover is in the mood to spice things up, starting with the sexual wellness landscape. Our vision is to help you take the guilty out of (everyday) pleasure, and guide you to grow your confidence and own your sexuality, whatever that looks or feels like for you. We do this not only through the intimacy products you keep by your bedside, but through open, healthy conversation and a loving community that is learning together.


The sex education you wished you had, or probably should’ve. Better late than never, right?


We celebrate whatever you’re into. Hello Lover is yours, but not all over you. Close, but not too close. The ideal life partner, really.