NZ Herald reviews our best selling air pleasure toy: The Melt by We-Vibe

"Maybe, dare I say it, better than actual sex?"


Jane Jones from the New Zealand Herald had more than a few good words to say about our best-selling air pleasure toy. Like, "my favourite" and "has previously sold out 4 times." 💅 Read on to find out why the Melt by We-Vibe will blow your mind, and your body...

Here to rival my long-time companion the Womaniser Pro, is We-Vibe's first suction toy. Up until now We-Vibe has stuck with the classic "internal" style devices so this is their first step into the world of pressure-wave toys - my favourite kind.

The We-Vibe Melt pleasures you externally without any direct contact. The rim of the hollow opening encircles the clitoris, so it touches nothing but air. A pressure chamber inside the toy then creates a series of rapid but tiny little micro-suctions to create a sucking sensation.

The device itself is made of soft purple silicone and is 100% waterproof, so grab a wine and take it to the tub for some lovely alone time.


While the body of the toy is firm, the rim around the hollow opening is squishy and bendable so would fit anyone's body parts, which is what we like to see.


While I love it, the Womaniser is made out of clunky plastic so can sometimes feel bulky between my partner and me - but the Melt is much easier to hold, as it's slim, curved shape fits fits much better between us in any position.

Design-wise, the Melt is also in a league of its own. While the Womaniser is the tackiest-toy I've ever encountered (it looks like a hairdryer for a Barbie), the sleek full-body silicone of the Melt is so chic and minimal it looks like something the queen of neutrals Kim K would own - if only it came in beige. 

Pictured: Queen of neutrals, Kim Kardashian, with the Melt by We-Vibe


Plus, there's something for everyone. With 12 levels of intensities that range from a 'gentle kiss' for those who are new to suction toys or are on the sensitive side - to a 'strong suck' for those of us who prefer to be Dementored. 

And if you're using it alone, because there's no physical contact like there is with sex, the clitoris can recuperate pretty quickly and keep going for more orgasms, without any desensitisation that can happen with conventional vibrators. So, if you've got the house to yourself for the entire afternoon, make the most of it. 

It also hooks up to the We-Connect app so you can let your partner take full control over your pleasure, wherever in the world they may be - perfect for long distance relationships or arousing/annoying your partner while they're at work. And maybe, dare I say it, better than actual sex? 

Through the We-Connect app you can also customise your vibrations or video chat! The future has arrived people. It's also quiet, thank God! Even at full speed, once it's pressed against you any noise is muffled so I doubt anyone could hear it through a closed door or walls, unless they were absolutely trying to and if so, they're the weirdo - not you. 



Melt by We-Vibe